Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Doldrums

Ah the mid summer doldrums. Heat warnings most every day make it impossible to bring the kid along. The mosquitos compound the issue. As such, much of the garden is languishing in disrepair with overgrown weeds, squash vines going EVERYWHERE, and bolting lettuce plants.

The one thing that is progressing is harvest. The tomatoes are coming on full bore and I picked another three grocery sacks full from my nine plants. The bag full picked last week yielded 5 quart jars after processed and canned. I would guess that even after giving some to neighbors, I will have to run the canner twice as I expect there will be 12-15 quarts out of this batch. Oh the soups and chili's we'll have this winter!!!

This weekend it the forecast is slightly cooler. I am hopeful to get a bed and a half read for some fall plants. I already have spinach and turnip and I just ordered beets, a different strain of broccoli, chard, and lacinato kale from High Mowing Organic seed. (I can identify with "High Mowing" as with the rain and heat, the grass I've been mowing has been quite high! ;) )

Happy fall gardening to all y'all! Time to get to it.

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