Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Velcro plant ties

I want to share a product that is miles above any other plant tie I have ever used. Velcro makes a two sided velcro tape (hooks on one side, loops on the other) that simply loops back on itself to securely hold your plants. This allows for a quick and strong connection that withstood some impressive heirloom tomato vines last year as well as holding my pea trellis firmly to the support posts.

Product details here:

I originally bought some last year on a whim to try out. While the ties are reusable, I increased the number of tomatoes from last year and used taller (and sturdier) stakes. The combination meant I needed more tape. Going back to the store I bought from the year before yielded nothing. Same story for several more big box stores and local garden centers. Figuring the product was discontinued, I tried twine, string, the stretchy vinyl stuff, and old rags. Realizing how superior the Velcro product was, I made it a mission to find more.

After finding more on a large e-tailer named after a river and paying unusually high shipping and handling, I found and purchased the product. A little further searching turned up the website above teasing me with such splendors as a belt mounted dispenser with built in cutter, but no e-commerce for direct purchase. In tired desperation, after searching for someone who would sell me a dispenser, I wrote an email to Velcro praising the product, bemoaning the lack of a local supplier, and practically begging them to sell me a dispenser.

To my surprise, I received an email back the next morning advising an e-tailer who sells all their home use products and a very generous offer for a free trial. Though I respectfully declined the offer, explaining that I already knew the product would be worth the price, I very thoroughly thanked her for the link which I will share with you here.

As a disclaimer, I receive NO, nada, zilch, nothing for promoting this product. This is something I use in my garden and in my searching is the best thing going for tying up plants to stakes and training on trellises. This concludes my no BS report.

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