Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We have had way below normal temperatures the last several days, and to be honest, my plants are beginning to freak out. My cilantro is already trying to go to seed, my snow peas are going nuts, and the shell peas just seem confused as to whether or not there is enough time left to make the effort.

Luckily I delayed transplanting my tomatoes and garden cherries as it dropped down to a new record low (for the date) of 37F last night. Not enough to kill them, but a good potential to stunt my little ones. Here's to slightly warmer weather coming soon!

Do stay tuned as I have an exciting project documentation coming up. I believe I have managed to pull together the elusive cheap and durable raised bed border material. This may be new as I have never seen one built this way before nor did I find one in the first several pages of my web searching. Details and pictures soon as long as things stay on the current track.

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