Sunday, July 18, 2010

Failed effort

I was hoping to provide a percentage result for germination of 14 year old bean seed stored in pretty poor conditions for future germination. I expected much less than 100% but did expect more than zilch, nada, nothing.

I can say the rains did not fall favorably, but due to the germination rates of the Okra planted next to it, can not account for a zero percent germination rate.

After growing tomato plants from 8 year old tomato seed, I was hoping to send a "don't worry so much just save seed" result. This does open my eyes a little bit to the benefit of providing SOME protection (air tight jar instead of an envelope) to the seeds to prolong their usefulness.

I stand by my stance to avoid overheating the seed and nearly anything should maintain viability for 2-3 years. For better germination rates or extended storage, vacuum sealing, air tight jars, and O2 absorbers are all beneficial.

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