Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wild Blackberries

Some of my favorite crops are ones that require little to no tending. This past weekend, my wife and I braved the ticks, brambles, and bugs to come home with some wild blackberries.

There are a few red ones that slipped in. In general the berry is ripe when the shininess has a very subtle change, the berry is purplish black (no red), and will pull off with a light sideways pull.

I would love to show the pictures of us in long sleeves and decked out for tick and chigger avoidance except 1. I would be sleeping on the couch for a long time and 2. I forgot the camera. Just imagine socks over pants with tape covering all joints and brightly colored long sleeve shirts.

We spent nearly two hours and came back with an ice cream bucket half full. My plan to be brave and wade out in the brambles as tall as I am almost backfired when I lost my balance and almost fell. After that, my wife's idea of picking from the edges seemed brighter, but didn't stop me from wading. *grunt grunt guy stuff* Luckily the worst of the damage was light scratches on the hands and a dozen critters that got around our best preparations.

The reward:

One happy toddler. (Pictures to follow. Taken with wrong camera.)
One blackberry pie.
Several upcoming blackberry smoothies.
We even got a bit of a workout when the truck refused to start in the near backwoods.

Planning to get more this coming weekend as there should be more ripe than during this picking.

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